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Hasbro announces five-year waiting list for board-game 'Operation'

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Toy manufacturer Hasbro has defended it's position to scale back production of its popular board-game, in order to make delivery of the finished product 'more in keeping with real life experience'.

The news comes as a bitter blow to both patients and to the recruiting arm of the NHS, which uses the vital training aid extensively in it's bid to fill the shortfall of up to 10,000 specialist surgeons which was created by Brexit.

The move will mean severe delays for patients scheduled to undergo vital niche operations such as the removal of Funny-Bones, Adam's Apples and Broken Hearts, as well as treatment for Writer's Cramp and Butterflies in the Stomach.

Labour has asked the government to intervene, predicting 'A Buzzing Groundhog Day of Red Nose Days' as untrained surgeons are drafted in with tragic consequences.

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26 nov 2021

Apostrophe Police alert! Illegal apostrophe smugglers strike again! ' ... Hasbro has defended it's position ... '

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