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Horner situation can not continue says father of Christmas Pie maker

The controversy surrounding Little Jack Horner is "driving people apart". An anonymous email including messages purporting to involve Horner, his thumb, and a plum were leaked on Thursday a day after he was sent to sit in the corner following a complaint of inappropriate pie eating behaviour against him.

Horner has refused to say if he did ‘stick in his thumb', or indeed ‘pulled out a plum’’.

"Things cannot continue this way," said former mince pie baker.

Horner's partner Little Bo Peep visited the corner on Saturday, in an apparent display of unity, after the topic had dominated the days news. However, as a result, she has now lost her sheep, and doesn’t know where to find them.

Former colleague of Miss Peep, Little Miss Muffet said, "The last thing the couple need right now is Little Boy Blue getting involved again with his horn. That was what actually frightened me away!".

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