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I don't believe in climate modelling, says Lord Chill, and nobody can explain it

Rising temperatures are 'likely to be beneficial' for Britain as more people die of cold than heat in this country, a Tory peer called Lord Chill has said.

Speaking during a debate on the level of Government preparation for the impacts that climate change will have on health, the economy, food security and the environment, the Tory peer said: 'We have all too little debate on climate change. After all nobody has ever explained it to me. At least, not so I understand it.'

'Will I have to change my name? Will it be a hot girl summer?'

'It’s all the more important that we have it now since critics who don't know what this policy is for, or have gotten the wrong end of the stick, find it increasingly difficult to get a hearing in the media.'

Lord Chill said: 'Digging deeper, what are those consequences of the hotter, warmer summers and warmer, wetter winters? I'm not very technical, but I have never heard a proper explanation of this problem. For example, how can financial predictions be so far off but climate is supposed to be predictable, as if its science or something, but what even is that anyway? I haven't looked into because I find that sort of thing hard. Nobody has ever been able to give me a simple explanation without boring me by talking for more than 30 seconds'

'Oooh, a shiny button!'

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Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian
Jul 28, 2023

As the climate continues to get hotter, staying cool and comfortable becomes crucial. An advanced smart AC controller like Sensibo helps manage indoor temperatures efficiently, providing relief amidst rising temperatures and contributing to a more sustainable environment.


Jul 26, 2023

So true, and applicable to rather a lot of deniers. Especially of the Septic variety.

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