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If The Sun isn't the centre of your universe then you're a moaning snowflake

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Guardian and protector of anti-woke sentiment The Sun Newspaper has quite rightly ramped up its mission to slag off the snowflakery of all scientific endeavour.

'We demand that everything remains just as it is. We know where we stand and we know what we like. Dinosaurs definitely didn't have sickeningly pretty feathers otherwise they would have been obnoxious influencers.'

'But it's much bigger than that. Stopping the Earth being the centre of the universe and inventing gravity just so we could give equal rights to all planets and stars - who do they think they are? Pull the other one.'

'And anaesthetic - who needs that? Just man up, grow a pair and take the pain. A slug of whiskey is all you need. Same with antibiotics. Can't deal with all those miniscule germs? Wimps.'

'Eureka ! Who says that ? What's wrong with Cor Blimey Guv ! And who is Archimedes anyway ? Telling people what he thought of when he was in the bath and that screw of his. Sounds like a pervert to us. The Sun says Send him back to Rwanda where he came from.'

author: notamused

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