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Distorters of arguments everywhere, took to social media to defend someone you have a) no beef with, b) no interest in or c) have, literally, never heard of. In one angry tweet, one attention seeker demanded: ‘Anyone who does not support witches, should be burnt as a witch!’.

A 38-page Mumsnet thread, quickly hyperventilated: ‘I am outraged, that anyone would support the strangling of puppies. I know, no one has said this or actually done this, but your lack of apology about harming fictitious puppies, is clear evidence that you are a puppy killer…and a Nazi. Although I’m not sure how I got to that last one’.

StrawMan himself, was unavailable for comment, but friends say he prefers to live and let live. Commented one blogger: ‘Of course he would say something like that, he’s clearly a Woke snowflake, Neo-liberal-shill or a Warmongering Redneck…or….or…some d$ck made out of hay’.

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