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ITV 2 in highbrow archaeology show shock

Media experts have been left reeling today after ITV 2 announced it is to commission and broadcast a new show that will examine famous archaeological sites and what we learnt from them.

A channel spokesman said: ‘We thought we'd try something a little different as an experiment. Some say it’s time to spread our wings and grow up as a broadcaster.’

But twenty something couple Jayden and Shaneece Reece from Tooting aren’t happy at the prospect of watching a programme that's neither a docusoap nor "reality" show on their channel of choice.

‘We like fings like TOWIE and Made in Chelsea, yeah? We don’t know naffink about Egyptian mummies and old Romans ruins, and that,’ said Shaneece. ‘Although if the show’s makers could guarantee lots of tits and bums somehow and maybe introduce a phone-in voting system I’d be up for giving it a go,’ added Jayden.

However ITV 2 has been quick to reassure its core audience the normal torrent of tasteless and tawdry shite will still make up 99.99% of the channels output.

'I can assure our viewers that we are not about to go all arty-farty and highbrow on them. This is something we are trying, just to ring the changes and maybe help keep Ofcom at bay,' said the spokesman.

'In addition to the new archaeology show we have commissioned a new 8-part series in the Autumn called, When Cock Enlargements and Arse Implants Go Wrong, scheduled to hit the screens in the run up to Christmas.'

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