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Jeremy Clarkson new Twitter CEO

Following the online poll by Twitter owner Elon Musk, where a simple majority of Twitter users who could actually be arsed to vote decided that the man tearing the micro-blogging site apart day-by-day with ludicrous, misogynistic and frankly racist overtones that pass for Tweets should step down. Musk tweeted as the poll came to a close 'be careful what you wish for', suggesting he had been read in on the succession plan as Jeremy Clarkson was voted in as his replacement.

Compared to Musk, Clarkson is noted for his temperate approach to media. He rarely strays from the sensible middle line, weighs up the evidence and provides a balanced view on what is happening in the world - as long as the world constitutes purely of Meghan Markle and his dream to have her pelted in human excrement while paraded naked in every British town and city. Quite rightly the majority of the British public have condemned Clarkson's view - about the excrement. 'The paraded naked bit, well, that's reasonable,' suggested approximately half the British public

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