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Jesus Only Given Two-Star AirBnB Rating

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

There was consternation across Nazareth today as it was revealed that Top AirBnB host in the region Joseph of Arimathea only gave Jesus a guest score of two stars following his three-day stay in a property on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

According to the comments left by the businessman, while Christ was a quiet guest, he not only returned to the property after checkout time and interrupted the staff, he also left the sheets badly stained with an outline of his body, and - most concerning to Joseph - left the front door wide open when leaving.

In Galilee, Jesus was nonplussed about the low score given and how it might affect future stays using the platform, 'It's not that big a deal,' he said. 'I'm only using the thing while travelling round as an alternative to sofa-surfing. I've got a dozen or so friends who I can always crash with, and I'm only really in the area for another 40 days until I head home.'

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