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JK cancels ‘Harriet Potter & the Closet of Secrets’.

Going the full Dolores Umbridge, Rowling has embraced her inner Terf and came out online in support for anti-trans views. Pausing between writing as a man, the billionaire author made it clear that gender is binary – unless you have a detective novel to finish.

While trans-sexuality is a protected characteristic under the 2010 Equalities Act, Rowling seemed to favour imprisonment in Azkaban. She had been previously criticized for liking tweets referring to trans-women as ‘men in dresses’ – or wizards as she likes to call them.

Her editors have been instructed to remove any non-binary references within her work – so no more ‘Half Blood Princes’. Other future titles are on hold – ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Gender Dysphoria’ and ‘All Beasts Are Fantastic, But Some Are More Fantastic Than Others’.

Sadly, we now know why JK thought the Child was Cursed.  A LGBT+ activist said: ‘You need to accept people, Hogwarts and all’.

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