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Kevin's seeing stars as his next model project is out of this world

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Fifty-nine year-old Kevin Philpott, a warehouse manager from Stoke, has just completed a project he started at aged seven when his Mum gave him an almost empty spool of sewing thread.

For that was all the inspiration he needed to see him on his way to build a totally accurate miniature model of Britain’s entire road system, with different colours and gauges of strings and threads used to illustrate minor, major, trunk roads and motorways.

‘People think it’s been a pointless exercise,’ said Kevin ‘but it hasn’t. The amount of pleasure this has given me over the years, coupled with my sense of incredible achievement now it’s completed, just can’t be bought.’

‘I’ve even had an email from Blue Peter inviting me onto the programme next week, and the Guinness people are coming tomorrow to assess whether my model is a record. But actually this is only the start for me.’

Because not content with his already remarkable achievements, Kevin now has set his sights even higher. His next project will see him attempt to render the entire Cosmos using a variety of materials such as grains of sand, sugar, rice, dried peas, ball bearings, ping-pong balls, tennis balls, footballs, beach balls and sticky-back plastic.

When asked if he foresaw any problems ahead he quipped: 'Well, let's put it this way. I think I'm maybe going to need a bigger bungalow.'

image pixabay/klikovam

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