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Man shocked to learn he is tall after stranger points it out

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

A man has been left stunned after finding out he is tall.

'Big Mike', 39, had never thought of himself as tall until a complete stranger pointed it out: 'Suddenly the pieces fell into place. I often wondered why my trousers finished at my ankles, why I was always banging my head on doorways, why everyone else was so short. It was only when this bloke in the pub went 'blimey you're tall' I thought 'am I? ...yes, actually he might be on to something'...then it all made sense.

Everyone has been amazing, if I ever forget that I am tall, there is always a friendly stranger to ask me what the weather is like up there, it never gets old.

I finally understand why they call me 'Big Mike' - I can't believe I never realised before. Now I just need to work out why my other nickname is 'Sarcastic Mike', maybe I'll ask that friendly stranger to help me out with that one too'.

Image: Pixabay/mohamed_hasan

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