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Kremlin issues election guidance to Tories

‘Dear Western Imperialist scum. Sorry, force of habit.

Dear Rishi Sunak. Unlike me, you might struggle to get 87% of the votes in your own house.

Have you tried imprisoning and then killing Keir Starmer? It’s not like there would be a popular uprising on his behalf. Half of his own party would offer to stick the knife in themselves. You could portray it as red on red violence and have them all sent to a hideous, desolate penal colony, like the Isle of Wight.

Ed Davey can be the minor party candidate that means you’re not technically unopposed.

Why am I helping you? Well, having the UK floundering in chaos is helpful for Moscow, so we’re big fans of yours. Please continue laundering our money, especially my pension.

Kisses, Vlad.’

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