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Lego to Replace Bitcoin on sale soon

For those of you hankering after the old site, back when the left alert was actually on the left hand side, a stripling young writer hiding behind the nom-de-plume of Wrenfoe signed up to a fledgeling NewsBiscuit, submitting his first subs written using a quill on parchment. Fast forward the birth of the Internet, a site redesign that put the left alert on the right hand side, then eventually a complete change of site, those of you with very long memories and a sense of loss for the old articles that were consigned to the waste-bin of tech-guy's hard drive might be interested to know that Wrenfoe snuck a copy of his very best work from back in the day and has worked day and night to produce a volume for posterity.

The result is 'Lego to Replace Bitcoin', the title of one of his subs which sits nuzzled among about 750 others - yes, Wren has been a very prolific writer. The stories have been donated to NewsBiscuit Publishing and compiled as an anthology to sit alongside the venerable '15 Years of Typos', the maturing 'Five go Dobbing in the Neighbours' and the positively new 'Earth to be Recycled'.

Lego to Replace Bitcoin is available for preorder on Amazon as an eBook, priced £4.99, released on 1 June. The paperback version priced at £10 and hardback at £18 are due to be released at about the same time, but unfortunately Amazon don't allow preorder of physical books. The royalties from the book sales will go towards helping to run NewsBiscuit as relatively ad-free (if you count book promotions such as this as ads - if you don't, then totally ad-free).

To capture a (very large) slice of NewsBiscuit history buy yourself (and any friends and family with a sense of humour) a physical or electronic copy of 'Lego to Replace Bitcoin' for their summer reading. If you're thinking of capturing an eBook copy please consider using the pre-order facility - it causes a bump in sales ranking and might bring NewsBiscuit to the attention of those who might be unaware of what we do.

A couple of other NewsBiscuit writers are hoping to publish anthologies of their old work on NewsBiscuit Publishing - if you have an archive of stories from the old site and would like to investigate how we can make it happen then email: and start a conversation.

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