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'Let the Bodies Pile High... in my boudoir, baby! Fwoarrrrr.'

As the world waits with bated breath for the release of Boris Johnson’s memoir, hailed as the greatest literary event since 'Spare', The Bible or Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, speculation mounts as to what the title will be. 'Let the Bodies Pile High' remains a firm favourite with Paddy Power. Here are the remaining top 10 contenders.

1. I

2. Me

3. I & Me

4. I, Me & Myself

5. Fwoarrrrr, Crikey!

6. Keep On Buggering You

7. This Much I Don’t Know

8. Windswept & Interesting

9. Boris's Adventures in Borisland

10. Down and Out in Antigua and Fiji

Johnson’s publishers are confident his book will outsell ‘Oops! - The life and times of Liz Truss' and Steve Barclay’s much anticipated NHS memoir ‘Goodbye to All That’, whicwill hit the shelves in February.

Images: succo | Pixabay

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