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Look over there! It’s snowing!

Never mind how horrible the world is, it’s about to start snowing. This means it is a good time to bury bad news – literally bury it, under the snow.

Tory intern Henry Hootington-Hurst said ‘The callous cruelty of the Tory “Stop the boats” campaign? Forget about it. Gary Grimthwaite from some red wall seat up north has built a funny snowman. Here’s a picture of it. Look at the picture and do not look at your smart meter because you can’t afford to heat your home. Is it snowing where you are? Why not build some ice blocks and call it an igloo. It’s snows more in Scotland because of SNP failures.’

Snowman construction artiste Gary Grimthwaite said ‘I once rented a pedalo on holiday. Waste of money! I agree, stop the boats and restrict my right to protest while you're at it.’

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