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Makeup brand trials new slogan - 'Because men are really superficial'

A leading makeup brand today announced a new advertising campaign, leading with the slogan 'Because men are really superficial'.

'We all know it’s true,' said Brand Director Abigail Muesli. 'My single friend Jill is the most interesting woman around - she has a great sense of humour, she’s lived a fascinating life, she’s professionally very accomplished, and despite all that she’s charmingly modest.

'But men never find any of that out, because they don’t talk to her for long enough before they’re distracted by some heavily made up 20 year old in a short skirt.

'What I don’t get is - do they think we really look like this? Back when I was dating,' she recalled with a shudder, 'I remember I guy I met in a club and brought home. The next morning, when he saw me in the kitchen making breakfast, he assumed I was the male flatmate I’d told him about. Asked me if I knew where Abbie had got to.

'I suppose I should be grateful he remembered my name.'

Industry insiders are speculating about whether this will be start of a new era of honesty in advertising, which could see microwave meals advertised with the slogan “Because you’re lazy and fat' rather than some guff about being a busy young professional with no time to cook.

Similarly underwear designed more for comfort than attractiveness might use the slogan “Well, no one else is going to see them anyway'.

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13. Juni

"he assumed I was the male flatmate" 'kin wikkid!

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