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Man convinced he’ll forget petrol pump number

A man has glanced back at least a dozen times to remind himself of the pump number on the 10 metre walk from petrol forecourt to the payment kiosk , it has been confirmed.

‘Pump 3, its pump 3…don’t forget to buy some milk…yep pump 3…why do petrol stations always sell barbecue coals outside in one of those big Perspex fronted receptacles….er…which was it again…ah yes pump 3, £1.99 for a Lion Bar Duo - ridiculous, PUMP BLOODY 3’, muttered Mike McBride’s inner dialogue at the Telford Town Centre Esso garage today.

Despite all these checks, McBride has confirmed he will still do a final check, with an exaggerated twist of his head towards the pump when he reaches the kiosk, before proudly announcing ‘pump 3 please’ to the attendant.

‘I knew which one it was anyway’, noted the kiosk attendant to himself, for the 100th time today.

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