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Man has Israel-Palestine solution that 'would definitely work'

'Why don't they just chill out?' asked pub bore Gary Grimthwaite.

Drinking alone, Grimthwaite continued pontificating 'I'm allowed to see my kids on alternate weekends - my ex said I worshipped Jeremy Clarkson more than her. Why don't they try that, but for the holy sites of Jerusalem?'

'A century of bitterness and betrayal? I could sort this out in an hour - two hours tops. I'd be home in time for a Top Gear repeat where I mouth along with Jeremy's bon mots. International diplomacy is really missing the input of someone like me.'

'As a British man, drawing borders on different parts of the world brings me peace. Even when those borders bring others war. It's just what we do.'

image from pixabay

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Oct 09, 2023

Must have been trained by Suella B!

Or "must of" as Grimthwaite would say / write.

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