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Man insisting on referring to basic cookery tips as ‘food hacking’

A man is doggedly sticking to his annoying tendency to call anything he does that relates to eating as ‘food hacking’ it has emerged.

Mike McBride, 42, has confirmed that despite having no espionage or computer security background which could explain the use of hacking metaphors, he will carry referring to basic common sense cookery tips as transformative hacks. 

'Hacked the evening meals for me and the missus for the whole week', boasted McBride to workmates. 'Instead of cooking spag bol just for last night, I made some extra, and placed them in Tupperware so we can have some more tonight, or even freeze a few portions. Brilliant.' 

McBride has indicated that this audacious heist of accepted cookery wisdom has been accompanied by further risky hacks, including having a solid breakfast to set him up for the day, and substituting some fruits and nuts into his lunchbox instead of a Mars Bar to 'switch up' his midday meal. 

Details are necessarily sketchy but it is thought, from snatched conversations at the water cooler that Mike is planning a massive ‘life hack’ next, involving going to bed 15 minutes earlier each evening and doing a declutter by taking some rubbish in his garden to the local tip.

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