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Man to beat alcohol dependency by taking up drugs

A London man who has been alcohol dependent for over 12 years is hoping to give up his harmful addiction and aims to replace it with drug-taking instead.

The 57 year old man, who has been over-reliant on cheap Russian alcohol for many years has flown to the Middle East to negotiate a way out of his self-inflicted predicament.

The man said switching his habit from cheap Russian alcohol to cheap Middle East drugs will help him break the hold his Russian suppliers have over him.

'Cheap alcohol is known to claim the lives and displace people in their tens of thousands whereas cheap Middle East drugs only kills a handful of people at a time,' said the man.

'And most of them were asking for it anyway. At least we can finally wean ourselves off cheap Russian alcohol and look forward to a life on drugs with our honest, reliable and trustworthy friends in the desert.

'I have negotiated an endless supply of cheap drugs.....another world beating trade deal that would not have possible without Brexit.'


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