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Man who received first pair of slippers for Christmas still refusing to come out of bedroom

A 43 year old Bridgnorth man who received his first pair of slippers as a Christmas Day present from one of his boys is said to be ‘devastated’ and is still refusing to come out of his bedroom.

Jason Beesley, a maintenance engineer and father of three, is said to have taken refuge in his bedroom just seconds after opening the gift on Christmas morning.

Jason, who is proud of the fact he always knows what is No1 in the record charts and can name all of the Spicegirls, took to his room after opening the box of twin gusset slip-ons.

‘It hit dad quite hard. He started sobbing as soon as he took off the wrapping paper,’ said son Nathan. ‘We normally get him a new tool box or grooming accessories for his beard, but this year we felt it was time for either the slippers or a cardigan. I realise a gift like that can have a devastating effect on confidence and self esteem but in the long run it’s for his own good.

'He hasn’t left his bedroom since Christmas morning. We have to leave food outside his bedroom door. He is refusing to speak and will only communicate using emojis.

'Yes, it hurts right now, but in time I’m sure he will come round and thank us for it’.

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