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Melissa McCarthy denies links to Witch-hunt

While initially pleased to see her name trending on Twitter, the respected Emmy Award winner was appalled by the negative connotations that her surname was generating.  It turns out ‘McCarthyism’ is not as zany or madcap as first thought and, if anything, is a real downer when it comes to lefties with pointy hats and a broom.

Her agent said: ‘Recently my client Googled her name and was shocked to discover its links to political skulduggery and Andrew O'Neill. Melissa would like it known that she has never blacklisted anyone or seen Libby Proctor dancing with the devil.'

Confusion over surname-isms is the primary reason why we see so few rom-coms starring Joe Nazi or Mary Beth Antidisestablishmentarian. In other news, the deceased Senator, Joe McCarthy, distanced himself from the film ‘The Happytime Murders’.

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