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Millions lining M6 to see funeral cortege pass through England left disappointed

Police estimate that over 20 million Englanders lined the M6 motorway to watch a cortege of hearses trundle between Carlisle and Birmingham. Initially it was thought that those gathered at Sandbach Services experienced the most disappointment, but as the coffin of Her Royal Highness transferred to a train at Dundee, it was Crewe station trainspotters who were most dejected to learn that she had ended up on a replacement bus service at Perth.

'It must have been a nightmare of a journey,' said one plebeian commuter. 'I can understand the decision to save on outrageous fuel prices. Do you know how much motorway services petrol costs these days? And if one has a publicly funded transport season ticket, then it makes sense to wring the last bit of value out of it.'

The plebian's husband annoyingly and pointlessly interrupted to add, 'The A9 is your best route, but south of Edinburgh I would have switched to the A7 down through Galashiels and Hawick, then cut across to join the A1 at the Kenton Bar Interchange.'

Reports have been strenuously denied that an important package was lost somewhere between Preston and Warrington.

image form pixabay

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