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Misery should be "default" says minister

Britain's office workers should get back to expensive and time wasting commutes, sick buildings and sexual harassment, said a spokesperson for the chancellor yesterday.

Billie Bunt, Junior Minister for Treasure, clarified that the government's position is that, as most key workers cannot work from home, and are often paid less than office workers, something has to give. And as a pay rise for nurses was obviously unthinkable, back on the buses it is.

"Britain's swift adjustment to home working was a resounding success - giving people flexibility, helping people see their families more, and saving money and pollution" continued Ms Bunt, "it's got to stop. How are the property and transport companies going to pay their dividends if we go on pandering to what the little people actually want? Trusting them to decide how they live their lives? They'll be wanting to choose who's in government next."

image from pixabay

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