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Mongers of the world after another thing to monger

The worryingly titled Monger Union believe cheese and iron are respected food and metal items, however they they wish to expand into other fields. A representative said, “If a whole species like fish can be mongered, what about just adding another living thing, maybe ducks?”

There is a danger is specialising in just in old timey metalwork and specific dairy products, and they are after something more cutting edge like Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency or the abstract concept of ennui.

Use of the word monger has declined steadily over it’s peak usage in the early 1800s, sparking panic that the custom may eventually die out. There are certain unidentified elements of the union that are suspected of mongering this fear; when asked for comment, this group said any change is just a slippery slope to unfathomable disaster.

The pro war members said that they are the best at mongering and if anyone wants to challenge them, then someone’s going to get hurt.

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