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Murdoch to retire, leaving Evil nothing to do

Beelzebub is said to be distraught that his right hand man and left testicle, is stepping back from day to day wickedness. Sadly, Fox Corporation will be rudderless and missing the smell of sulphur.

Rupert Murdoch has left an indelible mark on the print media, usually in the form of a cloven hoof. No one can underestimate his contribution to public discourse if you are a fan of shouting racist puns or t$ts.

Feared by politicians for being every bit as unethical as they are, Murdoch was a figure to be reckoned with, provided that figure was 666. He has told friends he plans to bow out with dignity, as a fiery pit opens up beneath his feet and he descends to the dark underworld from which he came - Australia.

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