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New Channel 5 reality cop show: Hosepipe Interceptors

Channel 5 has announced another crime busting reality show to fill its prime time "not the news and it's still a bit early for a documentary about porn" slot.

Hosepipe Interceptors will follow a crack team of specially trained officers and dogs as they use millions of pounds of technology to contain and punish criminals who insist on going against societal norms, without even thinking about the consequences.

In one episode we have seen they will tut quite loudly as a single mother in a ground floor council flat is tasered whilst filling a paddling pool for her toddler.

Roll your eyes as the ex-army major is caught watering his prize roses in the dead of night when all law-abiding citizens should be tucked up in their beds, and laugh as trainee police canine, Max, bites the water jet rather than the arm of the Porsche owner hosing the pollen off his car at 5 in the morning.

You pay your taxes, you may as well watch it while you can still afford the electricity. And anyway, there's nothing else on. Channel 5. Tuesdays. Probably.



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