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Now That's What I Call Nazi Music

Hi pop pickers, are you looking for right-wing anthems?  Want to hum along with the best racist tunes around?  Fed up with Nigel Farage deleting the best right-wing music you just want to stomp your jack boots to?

Well, look no further as Bonko Records brings you 'That's What I Call Nazi Music'.  Far right on, you groovy bunch of neos.

It's available in high definition eight track and in video format on Betamax.  Unfortunately, not available to stream on Reform Limited's web page anymore.  At least until those pesky left-wing commies in the Labour Party stop checking us out.

So, raise your hand - just the right one - and get your copy now.  Heil Nigel!

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02 jul

Reform Limited it is, shame most media don't highlight that - both meanings.

Me gusta
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