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OCD is comin' to town!

It has just been announced that local pop royalty, and OCD awareness campaigner, Adrian Richards will be playing a key role in Stockton's Christmas lights turn-on this year.

Adrian, who suffers from OCD himself, found fame earlier in the year with his hit single "Pick It Up, Put It Down, Try Again".

At 7pm on Friday 2nd December, Adrian will have the honour of turning on the town's Christmas lights. It is expected that he will then promptly turn them off again, before turning them back on. And then off again, and on again. And off again and on again, and off again...

In related news, Hartlepool has also made a similar exciting announcement, in that they have a new Christmas light.

According to Parish councillor Lorainne Finklebottom, 'It's a red one'

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