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Outrage at formation of new Rant Party

An endless stream of invective has greeted news of the formation of this new British political party. The criticism has been universal, coming from long-established groups like the Disgusted Party, based in Tunbridge Wells as well as new ones like the Tirade Party.

And it's not just political parties which have objected. Other groups like the Just-Stop-Stopping-Things and the Oh-No-Not-You-Too campaign have organised protests. Among the most threatening are the We're-Not-Quite-Sure-What-This-Is-About-But-We-All-Enjoy-A-Good-Riot-So-Lets-Just-Smash-Things-And-Set-Fire-To-Them. This has led to even more violent action by the Keep-It-Short-Attack-Everyone Anarchist Commando.

Even more middle-of-the-road parties like Moderate UK, the We're-Not-Sure party and an uncertain number of broadly similar groups have issued a joint statement, more-or-less saying something like 'Have you really thought this through? Are you absolutely sure this is a good idea?'. Similar statements from the Procrastination Party are expected in due course but nothing has been heard from the Silent Majority and it is not expected that any statement will be forthcoming from the No Comment Collective.

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