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Owner wins plaudits for blaming own dog over unprovoked attack

The owner of a so-called ‘dangerous dog’ has won plaudits on all sides for being the first to admit his dog was at fault when it attacked a man in the park who was innocently minding his own business.

Bernard Potts said: ‘I was walking towards the lake on my way to feed the ducks when, Satan, an eight stone Rottweiler, spotted me and came charging up with his teeth bared, slavering in a crazed manner pinning me to the ground.

He then explained Satan’s owner, 20 year-old Dale Marston, was most apologetic asking: ‘Are you all right? I’m so sorry. I don’t know why he did that. Mind you, he's fucking mental and has a shocking vicious streak. He sometimes scares the shit out of me.’

But despite the terrifying ordeal Bernard has nothing but praise for Dale. ‘He never once told me it was my fault. That Satan never usually behaves that way, or insisted I was probably attacked because I had made a sudden move frightening the soppy old sod, who'd normally be more likely to lick me to death.'

photo: Manuchi @ Pixabay

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