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Peter Jackson's Cheeky Girls documentary gets green light.

Oscar winning director, Peter Jackson, currently enjoying huge success with his Beatle's documentary "Get Back" has announced he is already working on his next project, bringing to the fore the artistic genius of the Cheeky Girls, according to an industry insider.

Jackson has meticulously restored over 500 hours of footage filmed during the recording of the Cheeky Girls' difficult second album, 2007's "In My Mind - Is A Different World... (A Cheeky One)" and sheds new light on the relationship between Monica and Gabriela before their tumultuous break up in the late-2000s.

The seventeen hour documentary, "Touch my bum" contains clips from their writing sessions, including hilarious outtakes in which they try to find a rhyme for "touch my bum", their recording sessions where the artistic tension can be cut with a knife, to their stormy relationships, the time when one of them went out with that Armpit Ono bloke, which many fans say signalled the beginning of the end of their collaboration.

A spokesman for Mr Jackson told us, 'Quite frankly, we're getting a little worried about Peter. We think he may have been working too hard recently. He really needs a rest.'

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