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Pile of rubbish on roundabout set to close

Doncaster council has announced the closure of a small pile of rubbish next week, due to no one realising that it was a tourist attraction. The pile, which consisted, in part, of a fridge, a car tyre and an old 'Police Aware' sign, was situated on a roundabout near the town's celebrated ring road.

"Almost everyone uses the ring road to avoid the town." said one councillor, "so we were surprised that so few took advantage of our spectacular 'Rubbish of Doncaster' attraction".

The exhibit, which was designed to increase awareness of fridges, car tyres and old 'Police Aware' signs, drew very little criticism from locals. Locals, however, also released a statement saying they would have definitely criticised it a lot, had they been aware that it actually existed.

The architects of the pile made no comment, other than to say they were very busy working on a new upturned shopping trolley in a canal exhibit.

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