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Planet just cleansing itself like a 500 degree self-cleaning oven

The Earth is going through a phase where it is ridding itself of unsightly stains and spillages.

'I've been eyeing up the other planets, and they're all like cool and trendy looking,' said Earth. None of them have to put up with yukky oil slicks, toxic waste and climate change deniers smeared all over them.

'So I got this idea from wankers who make and buy self-cleaning ovens. At first I thought you probably just pop in a special tablet and those types of ovens would cleanse themselves like a dishwasher or something. But when I looked it up, it turns out that they're designed to heat to 500 degrees and scorch any smeggy bits out of existence.

'What a squandering, lazy waste of energy. But hey, if the rich just do it without a second thought or any consideration for the consequences, then....

'Next I want to get some sexy rings like that gorgeous Saturn. It means getting The Moon to explode into tiny little pieces, but I'll just get some large comet in to do that. Where I'm going, you don't need tides.'

Image: Newsbiscuit

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