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Premier League footballer openly admits “I’m overpaid"

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Professional footballer, Terry Knowles, has become the first player in the Premier League to publicly announce he’s paid far too much for what he does.

He spoke of his relief and how he could now be himself and stop living a lie. 'I’m a sportsman of average ability lucky enough to play at the top level, but not worth two-hundred K a week. I was in denial, battling with my remuneration.

Knowles says he has struggled for years with the leafy Cheshire suburbs lifestyle when all he desired was a Manchester back street two-up-two-down and to drive around in a battered Nissan Micra.

Asked how his team mates were taking the news, he said their reaction had been largely supportive, although they all wanted to emphasise, they were definitely, 100% worth the money. He also praised his club for their reaction. 'Apparently the Chairman wants a meeting to see how quickly the Board can facilitate my new status.'

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