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Primark ‘We want kids to be sexy not sexist’

Following sexism accusations, slogans on Primark’s children's t-shirts have been changed.

The boys ones now read ‘The World is Yours, Make the Rules’, ‘Warrior King’, 'Cheer up luv it might never happen', 'Ssh, a man is talking', ‘Lovely jubblies'. The girls equivalents read ‘It's a man's world, I follow the rules’, ‘Damsel in Distress needing rescue’, 'My place is in the kitchen', ‘I hope I’m sexy enough’, 'Votes for women? No thanks!'.

A spokesman for Primark pushed a female colleague aside to say ‘You can’t say anything these days. Although I’m less qualified, I earn 15% more than my female colleagues, because of their hysterical outbursts and fainting fits. My last performance review concluded I was a danger to women, but the Met laughed it off.’

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