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Princess Anne still unable to identify the Prime Minister

After her admission to Southmead Hospital in Bristol, following a horse-related incident, Princess Anne continues to make a slow recovery.

Following a diagnosis of concussion, doctors have been asking Anne their usual questions to assess her mental state. They were concerned because Princess Anne was unable to recall the name of the Prime Minister, and did not know the price of a loaf of bread or a pint of milk.

However, a specialist consultant, who is expert in treating royal patients, has dismissed the concerns.  Using his specially constructed and very expensive royal assessment questions, he found that Princess Anne was showing no signs of trauma.  The consultant said, ‘there are no issues with the Princess’s mental state. She knew the odds at Epsom next weekend, was able to name the King and all his predecessors back to 1066, and snarled once when I said Andrew and twice when I said Meghan.  She’s absolutely fine.’

The horse is being treated by a Gloucestershire vet, and remains in intensive care.

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