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Putin wins Masked Singer with Anarchy in the Ukraine

Vladimir Putin is the latest Masked Singer champion. He had been disguised as a Bear, with an AK47 slung over his shoulder and a red headband with 'CCCP' in yellow. Before his unmasking, the panel had been split between one of the unfamous ones from Westlife, Alexei Navalny and Nick Knowles.

As panel members began to die of novichok poisoning, a spokesman for Putin said 'All the clues were there. Having 'chicken tonight' was a reference to having Kiev tonight. 'Criticism is criminal'? Just a little joke - shout out to Navalny, so unlucky with all that jail time. 'Tanks for the memories' and 'Let me invade your hearts' were references to... well you can probably work those out. Even the song choices, 'Crimea river', 'It's all about that Don-bass', 'All you need is Lviv'? Come on, relax, at least it wasn't Nick Knowles.'

image from pixabay

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