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Qatar's human rights abuses now irrelevant

Now that the World Cup is over, one FIFA executive expressed relief that everyone can now go back to ignoring Qatar's rainbow of human rights abuses. As he spoke, he continued stuffing envelopes full of cash and bars of gold into his suitcase.

'We at FIFA take bribes from everyone. We're actually quite equal opportunities in that way. However, people were complaining that these bribes were worse than the other bribes we've taken? Anyway, we've got our money now so... did you see all those lovely goals? Never mind the imprisonment and execution of gay people. Look at all the lovely goals.'

Football fan Tara Taylor added 'To be fair there were a lot of lovely goals. Oh, that does feel better actually. Now I don't care about Qatar's grotesque treatment of migrant workers and women in general.'

image from pixabay

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