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References to summer of 1976 reach record high

The number of references made by the media back to the drought of 1976 have reached all-time high levels, with commentators warning that such comparisons are likely to become even more commonplace as global warming continues.

Footage of people gathering water at standpipes at the end of streets, blurry images of Southampton lifting the FA cup, all accompanied by a soundtrack of Elton John and Kiki Dee singing ‘Don’t go breaking my heart’ have also reached dangerously high levels over the last few days.

‘People are going to have to get used to more namechecking of the famous summer of 76, as well as lots of poorly researched and confused montages of all things 70s and 80s’, said Mike McBride, Professor of Retro Studies at the University of Lunn (formerly Lunn Poly).

‘Even though it’s now scientifically proven that extensive sightings of white dog turds in the 70s were due to high calcium levels in bone-heavy dog food, it makes for a better story if reporters can link it to dogs eating too many Wham bars and drinking Rola-Cola’.

The current high levels of references to 1976 are expected to cool off later in the week,to be replaced by sone early 80s comparisons whenever the next Stranger Things episode comes out.

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