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'Russian oligarchs could be limited to £2m donations' warns Johnson

Boris Johnson has warned London's Russian oligarch community that a limit could be imposed on how much money they donate to the Tory party if Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine.

Mr Johnson has hinted there could be severe financial sanctions levied against Russians wishing to buy political influence here in the UK, saying any future interference will come at a cost.

That cost could be as little as £2m per oligarch.

Tory grandee Jacob Rees-Mogg also warned that Russian business affairs could also be impacted - but UK firms would be exempt if they had had the good sense to move their operations to the EU prior to Brexit as he did.

Other sanctions include limiting the number of hours they can double park outside their houses to just twenty hours a day and asking if someone could pick up the dog-shit after their Chow Chow has taken a dump in the park.

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