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San Francisco tech giant develops autocorrect that actually works

It was announced today at a tech symposium in San Francisco that NerdCorp is on the brink of developing an autocorrect facility that actually works.

”It’s about damn time,” said tech correspondent Jeremy Glitch. “Computers can work out the positions of the planets years into the future, allowing spacecraft to use their gravitational fields for a slingshot effect. Computers can now beat even the best human chess players. And AI is now so advanced that it passes the Turing test - you can no longer tell whether you’re having a text conversation with another human being or a computer.

”So how is it that when I type ‘nextnweek’, my phone can’t work out that I actually meant ‘next week’ but hit the n instead of the space bar? It doesn’t seem like rocket science.”

Further investigation revealed that the discovery was actually made some time ago, but due to an autocorrect error, the story was incorrectly filed under “commuter news” and thus went unnoticed.

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