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Scientists disagree on the brain compartments that control dishwasher stacking

A husband-and-wife team at the University of Birmingham have studied the different ways males and females stack the dishwasher and have reached decidedly different verdicts over which areas of the brain control this function.

Professors Neil and Angela Golding tested over a hundred couples as they attempted to rack dozens of plates and dishes, plus glassware and cutlery, in a variety of dishwasher models.

“It was extraordinarily difficult logistically.” said Angela. “We have limited lab space and trying to squeeze all these couples in, and the machines, and wire up the electrodes was extremely challenging.” “Took so much longer than it should have.” observed Neil. “If only she’d listened to me in the first place.”

Because of their different conclusions, the Goldings agree their research is unlikely to improve domestic harmony any time soon. In fact, tempers flared on more than one occasion during testing and the only thing everyone agreed on was dishwasher stacking becomes a whole lot easier the more crockery that’s smashed in the ensuing arguments.

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