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Stolen goods stolen again, complain thieves

A well known repository of stolen goods in central London announced today that some of them had been stolen again.

Quentin Peterhouse, Head of Larceny at the British Museum, said that staff were shocked to find the stolen articles missing during a routine stocktake.

"We initially wondered if it might be the original owners taking them back," he continued, "but apparently we massacred most of them when we took their stuff, so probably not."

"In any case, it wasn't the things we put on display with little cards explaining where we stole them from," he added. "These were all in a lock-up garage in Bermondsey."

This led Peterhouse to the reluctant conclusion that it must be an inside job involving a member of staff.

"To think that someone who works here could have done this," he said, shaking his head sadly. "I mean, obviously our recruitment process does select for a rather flexible attitude to property rights. But surely we made it clear that's the rule for other countries, not the rule for us."

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