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Sunak: Tory Party is an extremist anti democratic organisation

Prime Minister and shiny suited little boy tribute act, Rishi Sunak, has declared that Britain must face down the right-wing extremist organisations undermining democracy, like the Conservative Party. 

Tory intern Henry Hootington-Hurst attempted to put Sunak's words in historical context: 'He got the special podium out didn't he? So that means it's important.'

'Rishi Sunak wasn't elected as PM. He replaced the previous incumbent, a lettuce, who outlasted the previous unelected PM Liz Truss, who replaced unelected PM (and convicted criminal) Boris Johnson, who replaced unelected PM Theresa May, who replaced David Cameron who wasn't elected either and needed the Lib Dems to beat unelected PM Gordon Brown.'

Hootington-Hurst added 'Rishi says this proves it's all the fault of Labour and the years the UK spent under the crushing yolk of a Corbyn Government.' 

image from pixabay

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