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Taxi Drivers Furious at Being Compared to the RNLI

Cabbies across the UK have reacted with fury to Nigel Farage’s suggestion that the RNLI is like a taxi service, delivering shipwrecked asylum seekers to safety on British shores.

“He’s bang out of order this time,” said Keith, licence number 4425631 from Gravesend. “If I was on a taxi rank five miles off the coast of Kent, I’d put my foot on their heads and push them under. I wrote that in the comments section of the Daily Mail, and so did five hundred of my mates."

Clive, a black cab driver from Stockwell and area secretary for the EDL said: “Normally, I’m Nigel’s greatest fan and when he comes on GB News I sometimes cream my pants. But he’s got us all wrong. I wouldn’t get out of the driver’s seat to save one of them people - or even swerve to avoid them.

“Where did you want to get to, guv? I ain't going south of the Channel at this time of night.”

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