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That Biden TV speech in full

'This is your commando speaking. The commando in chief. I like to go commando, because I love freedom.

'This election is about democracy, freedom, brotherhood, neighbourhood, boyz in da hood, Red Riding Hood, and Robin Hood.   But it’s also about integrity, intensity, and immensity.  I can speak truth to power and I can speak truth to Donald.   He’s too old.   I’m too bold.   I’m going to boldly go, and Donald should go too.   Actually, I went just now.

'If he wants a fight, I’ll see him outside.

'We shall beach them on the fighters.  We shall never...err...never...err...never mind.  Ours is not to reason, ever.  I have nothing to offer….but...err...I have nothing to offer.  At all.  Blood, sweat and tears.  So many stains.

'I can do a second term.  I did lots of terms at school.  I’m a termite.   I’m a terminator.   But I’m not Austrian.   Go ahead, take my tray.  Hasta la pasta, Donald.

'I’m a fighter.  My dog’s a fighter.  An F-16’s a fighter.   The future’s brighter.   I want to finish building the bridge that President Clinton started.  Then I want to walk over that bridge, walking towards the light.

'People of the government, by the government, for the government, so help me God.  God rest ye merry gentlemen.   Long live America.

'Thank you.'

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