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Thatcher posthumously awarded 'inadvertent eco-warrior '85'

PR genius Boris Johnson has revealed that Margaret Thatcher was in fact a trailblazing eco-warrior - a fact even she was entirely unaware of.

Channelling the climate crisis unfolding a mere 25 years later, tree-hugging nature-enthusiast Margaret Thatcher began a Greta Thunberg-esque eco-campaign all the way back in the mid-eighties. Whilst some suggested she had cruelly devistated communities with her brutal decision to close coal mines, they were entirely unaware that she actually posessed incredible psychic powers. Against all the odds, she knew this 'eco-nonsense' would catch on in the future and relatively normal people would be into it, not just those eco-vegan weirdos that were around in the eighties.

Due to Boris' incarceration in the Bullingdon Club throughout the eighties, paired with his complete refusal to associate with the lower classes, he does not remember the fallout first hand.

Some have suggested Boris is 'completely out of touch' with the old mining communities and 'doesn't have any idea' what they went through. Boris vehemently disagrees, believing himself to be 'just like a real-life miner' due to his relentless ability to dig himself big holes and accumulate a lot of dirt on himself.

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