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The Peacock of Poppycock duplicates his duplicity

Boris Johnson was recently embarrassed by repeating the same lie in Parliament when he could have been telling a new lie.

Tory intern Henry Hootington-Hurst said 'Lies are to Boris like Princess Diana is to the Daily Express. The PM was annoyed by the duplicated duplicity as he usually considers himself an innovator of untruths, the Michelangelo of mendacity, the doyenne of deceit and dissembling.'

'We've just run short of things to lie about. Everything he says, even personal stuff - how many kids he has, how many wives receiving chemotherapy he's cheated on, even his first name is a lie. To cheer him up, we reminded him he's a one man Fibbing, Fabrications & Falsehood Factory, the Prince of Porky Pies, the Peacock of Poppycock. He suggested a massive party to commiserate or celebrate as long as we kept it on the D/L, so don't say anything.'

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