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Tories to bring back rationing

The Tories announced today that, if re-elected, they would bring back rationing.

”It’s not that the country’s particularly short of food, though we’re working on that too,” said an unnamed cabinet minister today. “We just feel there’s not enough hardship these days. People have become too complacent, assuming they can just help themselves to as much as they like from the supermarket, or rather food bank.”

The move is part of a grand strategy of returning to wartime conditions, which will include the reintroduction of national service, Radio 4 to go back to being called the Home Service with all announcers wearing dinner jackets, “and nothing but the Andrews Sisters and Glenn Miller to be played on… what’s that new music station called? Oh yes, Radio 3.

“We may even require people to spend the night in the nearest bomb shelter whenever a siren sounds. Of course, there won’t actually be bombs… unless of course we find the public aren’t doing as they’re told, in which case all bets are off.

“I know it sounds bizarre, but most Tory voters remember the war as a wonderful time in their lives. This is probably our last chance to get a vote out of most of them before we have to bite the bullet and modernise our policies. I might even have to drop my opposition to decimalisation.”

Hearing of the proposed changes, the BBC announced that from now on it would broadcast the Tory conference with a warning that it “may contain language which, although authentic to the period, modern viewers may find offensive”.

image from pixabay

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